Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Ahh...the hand held vacuum cleaner, one of the best inventions ever! This little gem is an underappreciated household essential. What would I do without my little guy? I’ll tell you what! I’d be forced to use his unattractive, bulky, messy cousin the upright! My little hand held can get in tight spots, has enough power to get up my tough messes, and is highly fashionable! I’m not sure who invented the hand held but, thumbs up whomever you are! I can see the brainstorm now…

“Honey, can you please vacuum the living room?” “Sure dear.” The man/woman goes to get the vacuum cleaner and their first thought is “Whoa! Is this thing ugly or what?”. This revelation gets the man/woman to thinking “I wonder why no one has ever come up with a more attractive design?” As he/she is pondering this extremely important oversight by the vacuum cleaner’s manufacture the man/woman notices in the rounded corners a bit of a mess piling up and tries and fails to clean it up largely in part to his ugly, square, noisy upright! Then as he/she’s trying in vain to get to the mess the dang bag explodes and now he/she has to clean up dirt leftover since the last time the room was vacuumed. Man/Woman says “That’s it! I’ve had enough of your tricks and drama upright! I’m designing a vacuum that is easy to use, gets into tight spaces, and is way prettier than YOU upright!”

Thanks to this man/woman’s frustration and imagination we now have the hand held vacuum cleaner! You kick butt inventor of the hand held! Not only is my hand held super pretty, it sucks like nothing you’ve ever seen! I make jewelry and in doing that I drop a lot of beads, scrap wire, and other things that can fall to the floor…when I go over a spot like this with my hand held it gets everything up and there’s no way my upright can compete with THAT!!! So, I’m now declaring this to be national hand held vacuum cleaner day! Go out and buy one to celebrate!


I like Hair Dye

Eugene Schueller is the inventor of hair dye and I have to give him a round of applause. Well done! I give his invention 2 thumbs up! Hair dye and I began our relationship when I was 16 years old. It is to date the longest relationship I've had aside from my relationship with food (which frankly is a disfunctional relationship at best). Hair dye has been with me from the day my first gray hair popped up at 16yrs of age. It has seen me through the best of times (red) and the worst of times (black). I can always count on it to be with me when I feel like a change. Hair dye isn't judgmental (like food), it's not opinionated (except when it told me I wouldn't look good as a blonde), and it's constant. This is why I like hair dye. There's nothing else like it! Thanks hair dye for being my friend!